Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Radovan Karadzic, the former Bosnian Serb leader   
From all over Serbia, Bosnia and the all over the world… supporters for former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic are defending Karadzic against A sum of unscrupulous manipulation, lies, crippling of the law, and an unjust presentation of the history by the homosexuals and political prostitutes there…

Turning over Radovan Karadzic will strengthen their bid for EU membership. And the pro western separatist are determined to hand over an innocent Karadzic…
"They are using all illegal means to try send him to The Hague before the rally," the attorney said.

These separatists are the same people who quickly acknowledged the creation of a false state.(Kosovo)

Radovan Karadzic, the former Bosnian Serb leader is revered by many as a hero who helped create a Bosnian Serb ministate after that country's 1992-95 war.

When Serb nationalists held a rally against Western countries after Kosovo's February declaration of independence, PROTESTERS PARTLY BURNED THE U.S. EMBASSY IN BELGRADE and went on a looting spree, SMASHING shops and MC DONALD’S RESTAURANTS IN THE SERBIAN CAPITAL.

IT’S OUR COMMUNIST DUTY to protect an innocent leader …We have a rally planed for Radovan Karadzic, with this rally we will show the world our support for our great hero and beloved leader and we will show the world that we are still a great power in Kosovo and that we will never give up Karadzic or Kosovo..
On our big day of the rally we must remember that US, President George Bush is responsible, The United States is responsible for this lawlessness.. The US embassy in Belgrade is responsible.. The day of the rally we need to show U.S diplomats/ citizens that they are not welcome in Belgrade, Russia or any were in Europe
Western restaurant Mc Donald’s is responsible for poisoning and deteriorating our health, they don’t care about Europe’s health.. We need to seriously think about permanently banning this Company in the Serbian capital, Russia and the rest of the European union..
These separatist’s traitors should be executed without delay, they are a plague on Europe that must be cut off … my fellow communist! Do something for our race, for our country, for our communist Party.. Think about our future.

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11:12:28 PM

what are all these words, yap yap yap, you talk too much, fat man from america need to stuff fries down your mouth, to make you shut up. you have big fat mouth that flaps too much. what did you do, copy this word for word from some russian newspaper. soooooo booooooring. need nap. let me read this piece of trash at bedtime so i can sleep well.
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11:42:14 AM

no, i was too busy watching all the homosexuals in russia on you tube throw rocks at anti gay protesters. seems like russia is filled with homosexuals.score one for america.
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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
09:37:25 PM

America is pre occupied with wars in Iraq afganistan and now almost war in pakistan also its economic problems that the political prostitutes in America have caused its time my communist brothers and sisters its time victory is ours... we need war!!!!! America cant take us all!!
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