Monday, June 17, 2019
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The traitors should be executed without delay..   
Kosovo is Serbia!!! we have to come together and show the whole world that we do not acknowledge the creation of a false state I call for a 'large rally in Belgrade to show our opposition to the occupiers and Albanian separatists'' With this big rally, Serbia will show the world that it will never give up Kosovo,'
US, President George Bush is responsible 'The destructive, cruel and immoral policy of force led by the United States has brought about this unprecedented lawlessness
'As long as there is a Serbian people, Kosovo is Serbia. ..
For this US embassy should be burned to the ground, diplomats/ Americans should be targeted.. We need to show that Americans are not welcome in former soviet republics
'For the citizens of Serbia, for Serbia, there is no and will never be a fake state of Kosovo on its territory..
The traitors supporting this should be executed without delay..

This is what happens when we trust and let NATO or UN into our former soviet republics, these other country’s are secretly coming in under pretenses that they are with NATO and the UN and that they are here for humanitarian purposes only, and then independence is declared and silently taking over former soviet republics..
Please listen to me my communist brothers and sister we must resist this, ITS OUT COMMUNIST DUTY..

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05:39:08 PM
americans dont need to be policing the world. If thier are human rights violations let Europe handle it. I could be wrong but arnt the serbians white christians, and the albanians muslim anyway.
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10:50:31 PM
maybe Im just cynical, but I dont believe any country really cares about humanitarism. Besides the United States is supposedly a christian country why should we even intefere in something that doesnt concern us. I dont care if Russia kills all thier muslim asses.
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Joseph (euromelero)
02:21:15 AM
Dear reema999
Dear Reema999 in response to your postings dates 07/31/2008 and 08/01/2008
Thank you for your kind postings I think your postings were writing straight from the heart; you’re a good soldier.. The truth is that we don’t want Muslims in Europe.. I was in France not so long ago and they had all kinds of problems with the radical Muslims there.. They had riots and the Muslims were burning everything, the police couldn’t do much and it made my stay a nightmare… honestly these Muslims should be expelled from Europe along with all the homosexuals, blacks and separests traitors..
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02:50:42 PM
Thats how Russia will eventually defeat us, because we are little by little becoming a non white nation. Look at every non white nation, besides China. They cant run their countrys with any order. Russia is smart trying to get rid of these people. They need to learn from our mistakes.
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03:27:16 PM
And how are all these gay men in this country going to fight in a army. Do they intend to bitch slap the other army to death.
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Joseph (euromelero)
06:14:10 AM
we need communist unity
we need to resist the emperialist America, and this mixing of the race these stupid Muslims should stay in their desert.. The blacks should go back to living with their ancestors the monkeys.. We are looking at the beginning of the end for America if this monkey osama or yobama or what ever his name is elected president, America will have disfunction and disorder and the next world war... America has always been white and now its inviting nothing but problems and disfunction.. America you have become a secound class country, your currency is almost worthless, your economy is weak, your women are sluts, no one there values a marriage.. America your a country of fat blacks and homosexuals, you are one big sin... You are destroying yourself..
honestly it will almost please me if America is destroyed because then we won't see all this sin and we will see Russia and china aliance.. And America would be another Tijuana Mexico
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03:30:31 PM
Thats were my opinion differs from my brother and dads. I live in this country and dont want it destroyed. It would mean the destruction of all the European races that settled here. I have faith that this country will change as soon as all that generation of hippies that ruined this country with thier communes and immoral lifestyle die off. Aids will slowly but eventually take care of the homosexuals. And maybe after enough cities burned down by the blacks the government will look around and see that they are destroying this country and ship them all back to africa. After all thier not called american africans, thier called african americans because thier allegiance resides with Africa.
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Joseph (euromelero)
09:54:07 PM
Dear remma999
Dear reema999 in response to your posting dated 08/04/2008
i dont know what is worse the homos or the blacks...
i think we can all agree on one thing thou.. the destruction of booth
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12:54:16 AM

Kosovo is Kosovo
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Joseph (euromelero)
06:58:58 AM
when all is said and done
when all is said and done I will personally urinate on the tombstone of all the separist and traitors who support an independent Kosovo
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11:45:32 PM

go get prostate cancer. Should help you urinate.
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01:29:52 PM

besides, prostate cancer enlarges the postrate gland, causing a person to urinate less. I dont wish cancer on even my greatest enemies, it is a very painfull death. I believe in humane painless ways of exicuting people, especially josephs big mouth.
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06:26:43 PM

well comrade joseph seems like an angel from heaven, next to this rick guy, he made me so mad , i actually got a headache.
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06:07:14 PM
Serbia is US, Nato biggest mistake ever.
I feel sorry for the people in Serbia. After world war 2 europe are very sensitive when it comes to genocide. Ofcourse we should have been on Serbiens side. Now when the mistake is done I doubt those responsible will ever admit that they did wrong.

However I doubt kosovo will be a part of Serbia in the near future you should just accept the sad fate. And hopefully forgive us and join Europe/Nato, there might be a chanse to take your land back in the future.

As I see it, europe is invaded by muslims not only kosovo 15% of the population in Sweden are now muslims from Iran/Iraq/somalia ect. Their number are increasing and something will happen sooner or later.
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