Saturday, April 4, 2020
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25 July. Tom Waits Influenced   
Billy’s Band will be back Back!
25.06.2008. Lion’s Den Club, New York, Planet Earth.
Incredible, Tom-Waits-influenced-romantic-alco-jazz quartet from St. Petersburg will be back in New York for one night only. The Best Russian Club Group, 2003, most dear and welcomed band in Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Israel and Estonia they are coming with their duffle bags full of surprises and musical confetti.
The Band’s new cover project “The Unfamiliar” is like a Modern Music Encyclopedia for Dummies. The Billy’s Band gives you a rare opportunity to listen to a completely new interpretation of old songs by Tom Waits and by most incredible modern Russian rock, pop and even rap musicians. It will take the Billy’s Band only one night to overwhelm you with frantically changing music genres, languages and emotions. The Band will sing in English, Russian and may be even Ukrainian. They’ll show you a brand new world of music. They’ll make pop change into jazz, jazz into alco-rap and alco-rap into rock.
Do you want to experience something new, something unfamiliar and at the same time something very dear to your own self with the help of seemingly well-known tunes?
Just come to Lion’s Den Club on 25.06 and probably you’ll find what you’ve been looking for in The Billy’s Band new cover project “The Unfamiliar”.

For more details about the band see http://www.billysband.ru/eng/group.htm

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05:18:06 AM
Corrections 25 June. Billy's Band.
corrections to the previous post
info about tickets for the gig www.alexanderkaplan.com/billysband
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emmanuel gyimah
04:15:28 PM
jesus die for our sins
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Joseph (euromelero)
09:43:35 PM
Emmanuel Gyimah
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02:50:15 PM
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reema 999
02:57:44 PM
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Comrade Col. Joseph
07:30:58 AM

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