Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Foods that heal   
I seen this great book tittles Foods that heal... it mostly shows what kinda foods you should eat when ur sick and foods that will help present certain decease and what not... also i think socialized medicine is better... I’m a nurse in America and i realize that if and when America becomes socialized in medicine the nurse profession will not be such a well paid job, however its not all about money its about what’s better for the general people... :-) Please support a socialized medicine in America....

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Joseph (euromelero)
04:55:45 AM
hey everyone!
you can find this book at Amazon.com
foods that heal by Bernard Jensen (Author)
Amazon.com price $10.17 u.s. Barns and nobels price $ 14.75
***you can also buy it used for a good deal***

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01:26:24 PM
socialized medicine
california has already gone broke because of all the illegal aliens taxing the medical and wellfare system, nice theory,cant work.
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01:46:27 PM
On the news today, they said they are banning new fast food restuarants, because of fat Americans, the war has begun. Its still a shame the government has to step in because Americans cant make the right choices themselves.
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Joseph (euromelero)
04:29:55 AM
Dear reema999
Dear comrade reema999 in response to your posting dated 07/30/2008
I also heard about this banning, it's happening in California the city is Los Angeles.. It's a small step but i have doubts it will help much, Americans will seek the fast food. and it wont surprice me if Americans there get even fatter.. sometimes i think the only solution is holding all these fat people at knife point almost to the starvation brink..

the Governer of the State of California just anounced that many state workers have lost their jobs because of the budjet crysis in California and that many more state jobs are expected to be lost.. honesetly its not because of the illegal aliens, i dont think they can collect welfare only medical help at hospitals.. I think the fat people are to blame, they are costing california a fortune, we have to accomodate their fat assess in everything.. and they are costing the state medical system a bunch of money, this money can be invested in other social services..

if America would of listened to me years ago when i first called for the execution of fat people, california would of never been in this mess.. Honostly the fat people are to blame for everything.. the only solution is to bury alive in mass graves all the fat people in America.. then we need to serriously ban fast food fatty restaurants..
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01:42:38 PM

I think all the people on this web site should hold you at knife point, and starve your big mouth.
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Comrade Col. Joseph
07:23:27 AM

why cant you come up with ur own words you aid dying cock sucker why must you always come and steel my precious word ass holder
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11:58:44 AM

me like executed without delay, this is my phrase now, i like keep hands away, this is also my phrase now..
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