Monday, March 18, 2019
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Help for translation   
PrivEt to everybody.
I know I probably should exploit this forum, but I need some help.
A friend of mine, russian lady, made a bet with me. She thinks I'm not able to discover meaning of the word ??????.
It's not a joke. I would be glad if someone tells me translation of this world.
Thanks anyway.

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05:17:23 PM
maybe you didnt spell the word correctly, because privet is a ueropean evergreen plant.
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02:11:57 PM

but i looked up the translation for homosexual, and the dictionary had a joseph name by it.
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02:16:27 PM

We russians have no time for entertainment, what is this word entertainment, too many words, our only form of entertainment is writing hate america speeches. this is all we know, yap yap yap, whine,whine whine, america evil empire, America no good.
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