Monday, July 6, 2020
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Russian going to Euro 2008   
Thanks to good luck or as its called in Russia, Russian Roulet, Russian football team will be part of Euro 2008. Congrats to all who made is possible. England, Croatia, Andora :)

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Joseph (euromelero)
04:31:15 AM
Russian going to Euro in 2008??
impossible russia wants to distance its self from the rest of the european union right now... Stalin Diane Ferretti/Putin Diane Ferretti girl i think im in love with you!!! i think we booth have the same idea.. To hell with America.. i think we should return all former Soviet republics to Russia...
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10:13:43 PM
Russia is in Euro and doing well :)
Russians just won over Greece, current Euro champion.
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05:01:29 PM

you need to go to anger management classes. female nation? Obama won, how can it be a female nation? you need to go to a mental health provider also. And id rather follow the new testement in the bible and Jesus, rather than the crappy hebrew scriptures. oh yeah isrealite princess your jewish race is one of the ugliest races besides the blacks in the world.
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05:05:38 PM
isrealite princess
Do you have one of those large ugly noses the jewish people are known for, maybe you can wield that as a weapon.
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05:19:02 PM

the fourth reich shall rise again.
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05:52:38 PM
yes i think we should return all the soviet republics to russia, so what. But let me remind you of your previous postings. '"Uuropean women are the best in the world'", '"God bless Europe", Thank you JESUS", now your siding with this ISREALITE SWINE. aND as I remember reading about Stalin, Im pretty sure he didnt even want jews in his country.
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06:05:24 PM
heres Stalins daughter Svetlanas quote,"what was originally political hate became a racial hate towards all jews, without exeption".NOBODY seems to want them in thier country, thank god for the state of isreal, finally a homeland where they can stay, and i dont have to bust my eyes on thier ugly asses.
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Joseph (euromelero)
08:55:00 PM
Dear reema999
Dear reema999 in response to your postings dated 08/08/2008
what the hell are you talking about???? who brought israel or jews into this conversation.... the jews should be kept in their own country isolated... and maybe we can send all the blacks back to the zoo too and send the homos to a homo consentration camp...
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07:32:39 PM
joseph is blind
in the bottom of dianes post is her email address, isrealite princess, what the f do you think that means. shes from isreal.she called the europeans trash which i have a big problem with. and this guy that started the post was just trying to be friendly and civil, and she literally cut his head off. maybe i went too far with the jewish thing, but she really made me mad.
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07:39:34 PM
And I know this country is pretty stupid, but not stupid enough to let women run it.
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comrade col. Joseph
09:50:11 PM

reema999 what the hell why you keep attaking me you stupid or something?? maybe your on menstration? or maybe you got long stick up your ass deep?
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01:33:46 PM

because there is nobody else to attack, all the rest of the people are just too dam nice.
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Comrade Col. Joseph
05:16:22 AM

I will kill you now reema999

and why dont you post your name any more what the hell you think that makes you invinsible or something
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04:59:15 PM

all your lives must suck
im not jewish btu thats horrible there is a reason slavery was abolished in america its because racism is wrong and it doesnt matter what the freak your religion or race evryone is EQUAL and the fact that you want to kill people is sick
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06:44:11 AM
Where are you being held? Are you in the Hudson Valley?
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