Saturday, April 4, 2020
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Russina Fedor Emelyanenko   
Russian MMA fighter Fedor is the best pound-for-pound fighter. I saw several fights with him in Japan and USA and was very much impressed. Many compare him to Ivan Dragov but he is total opposite to this image. He is very kind and genetal when he is off-ring.

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05:26:38 PM
I have seen Fedor
I watched several fights of Fedor via PPV and I must say he is one of the best fighters I have seen around. He is one of the people I like to see without steroid musles and very calm then he fights which surprises me.
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Joseph (euromelero)
09:55:45 PM
Fedor? i heard he brought down another best fighter in like 36 secounds hes not only the best hes also Russian!!!!!
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07:08:39 PM

Ive never seen him fight yet, you mean he can bring down one of these great apes they have in the usa?
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08:02:56 PM

thats because hes not a pansy ass nurse like joseph.
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08:03:43 PM

O h, im sorry your name is Euro asshole.
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08:05:04 PM

joseph is a homer sex man luver.
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08:06:52 PM

Yes. I fully agree with you,he also does not value family, he does not care about his family structure. he is got.
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01:37:50 PM

and you encourage me, i like to hear your abusive language, its fun for me, its really nothing personal. its just fun.
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01:45:21 PM

and your one of the funniest people i have ever met, i laugh , you provide me with entertainment way better then telivision, so i dont plan to leave this web site anytime soon, as long as im entertained. so as long as you keep up your abbusive tirades, and i dont care if they are directed at me, its still funny. you can call me lesbo, skank , whore, slut, me no care about these words, you take everything personally. i dont. I dont care if you hate me, i like you, you are way cool.
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01:59:07 PM

my dad use to go through these tirades, screaming in polish, calling everybody whores, sluts, american swine, i used sit in my bedroom and laugh my head off, im sorry but it is very amusing.
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02:03:41 PM

you seem to hate homos worst of all, so of course im going to call you a homo, what better way to make you flare up in a rage.
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Comrade Col. Joseph
05:22:33 AM

i dont get raged or mad you would be surpriced to know im one of the happiest people you would be surpriced how much of a good life i live... i think i have everything anyone could want i dont try to pretend to be rich im not, i think im above middle class anyhow the way i talk is the way i am and the way i think and belief i just express myself way better online because its online.... im glad that i amuse you and that your little world avolves around me and what i do in life.... p.s. right now i dont seem to hate the homos more its the Georgians !!
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Comrade Col. Joseph
05:25:35 AM
im listening to song i need a freak
i bet your one of those persons that gets a sexual high from getting bitch slapt and hit and beat you love it when he calls you names and pulls your hair your a freak
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Comrade Col. Joseph
05:26:03 AM

you if i call you slut this made you smile?
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farhod sarayev
08:59:12 AM
fedro is the best
i think he is the fighter in the world intill now. he has unbelievable power. e is the best. i watched all his fighhts. i like him.
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