Saturday, May 27, 2017
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Russian provincial towns   
Hello friends,
I bet you often see Moscow or St.Pete on TV. But what about the rest of the country, the towns and villages, which are not included into the schedules of the the mass tourists' destinations?
I am invite you to my photo-travel blog (http://marysrussiaguide.blogspot.com/) to have a look at authentic Russia.
What was your experience in travelling to Russia?

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04:22:27 AM
Russia is not just Moscow
There are a lot of place, which you can visite in Russia, but the most people don't know anything about it. thats why trere are a lot of myths about people in Russia. we can change this oppinion. look site about Karelia and learn Russian as well as you wish.
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02:14:00 PM
to olga Reply to olga's post dated 11/28/2012 4:22:27 AM
People tend to keep to their stereotypes. It is easier to live this way. Besides, they have no time even for themselves nowadays.

So, to tell the truth, it is nothing that could be done to improve the situation, even information/enlightenment/education. Call it as you like. At least till present generation alive, and may be next one as well.

But there are exceptions, for sure...
And I keep my blog for them :-)

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