Monday, June 17, 2019
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Russian military industry   
Russian basic design of aircraft and other military hardware is proven to be one of the most reliable during combat. It lacks US safistication and precision but when you are fighting hand to hand in the closed proximity sofistication does not play a role.

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Reginald Rychliski
05:32:07 PM
defending Russia
I have seveal ideas. Giant stealth shaped dirigibles with anti cruise missile and anti stealth technology and the newest anti stealth radars to be kept at key points in the Russian skies. Secretly deposited anti submarine missiles dropped from the bottoms of a special ship in critical areas in Russias sea lanes that can be put in service in seconds when needed. Forget tanks. Spend the money on tank killers and thousands of fighter aircraft. If you have 5 mig 29s upgraded for every opposing fighter you could if neccessary premtively dispatch anyone about to become a serious threat. Build many more attack subs including remote controlled ones with supersonic torpedoes that need no crews.Now the best, build the ice aircraft carriers that England considered during ww2.They could be several thousands of feet long and when the ice is impregnated with wood fibres is virtually indestructible, easy to repair and much cheaper to build that coventional super carriers. These would be stationed in arctic waters and could hold literally thousands of attack aircraft and anti-submarine weaponry in the upcoming very critical area of the world. Sounds crazy,but do some research and find out how feasible theconstruction of these giant carriers is and how far along the English were with the concept.Instead of always trying to be second best to the U.S. russia needs to think out of the box and for once leapfrog into the future. Tanks are a joke. They are steel coffins,expensive and cheaper to kill than build. Also secretly build many more backfire bombers and many many "black shark attack helicopters". Better do something, the wolves are outside the door Ivan.
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12:12:20 AM
Russia has nukes
The matter of the fact is that Russia does not need all these sophisticated weapons since Russia has all the nuclear missiles that is very good deterrent against any enemy.

On the other hand, why you as Polish will care about Russian defense. I heard that in Poland Russia is considered to be aggressor?
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j.l happney
09:24:29 PM
Sorrow state of the Rusian Federation
It seems the russians are always running around screaming the sky is falling, the sky is falling. Here is a country who,s technalogical foundation is built on everything they stole from the western world( which they pat themselves on the back for) crying about a few missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic. Like 10 missiles is a real threat to the huge Russian nuclear arsenal. Lets face it, the Russian government is nothing but a small group of crimals who tell thier flock of sheep( the russian people)what to, what to wear, how to talk ect ect ect. Commmunism did,nt die in Russia, it just put on a new suit.
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07:55:22 PM
Russian Nobel Prize Winners
What about work recognized with Nobel Prizes in phisics? Was it also stolen from someone else. As for the USA, it stole just as much from Russia as Russia from USA in the form of brian drain... it stills every day from every nation in the world this way's.
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09:12:57 PM
Missile mounted supper camel
what do you Russian Worrying about, All American wants is defend Europe from Missile mounted supper camel from Iran
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08:37:05 AM

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Joseph (euromelero)
02:10:41 AM
Missile mounted supper camel?
Dear Wannabe in regards to your posting dated 11/19/2007 what the Fu*k you talking about.. Russians do not worry about you.. America has become a scound class country!! i think Russia will put the russian equivalent of the American missile defence system in Cuba... lets see how these spoiled americans feel to have missiles in their own back yards... if your goventment putes missiles in Europe we respond with Missile in cuba!!!! it would be double standard if you dissagree...
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Joseph (euromelero)
02:21:34 AM
U mother Fu*k*r
Dear j.1happney in response to your posting dated 11/09/2007 Russia isnt built on criminals we have produces the most millionars out of any other country in fact we have most rich people out of any other country we are an oil rich nation.. we dont relay on saudi's or any other nation and another thing we are not built on western fact we dont like western world we like eastern european (russian).. after the war with germany much technology was taken from german sience but America was responsible for taking most of this technology.. American dollar and its economy has fallen your country is not number one with anything any more.. your women are sluts... you live in a material world... you dont even hold riches man in the world no more.. see your country is poor and in debt,, no other country likes you.. ur a citizen of a secound class country buddie..
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12:07:11 PM
reginald rychliski
yes reginald,as your sister I would like you to explain why you love the russian people so much, when in fact your of polish descent. and why do you live in a country you seem to hate so much. capitalism, socialism, its all the same.Niether government works,only a government set up by god can work.
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Joseph (euromelero)
03:36:30 AM
Dear Albert999
Dear Albert999 in response to your posting dated 07/10/2008
are you some kind of transexual or something? what the hell.. you should not even be talking because thats a double standard, so your telling that Irak is now a country set up by god.. who are you to judge what country is correct or not..

these past 8 years America has done more evil in this world that all nations combined and still we are hearing about missile defense systems and about another country (Iran) with nuclear wepon intentions, Americans are filled with it.. the would wont believe you any more.. you lied about Iraky nuclear weapons and took their country...
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Joseph (euromelero)
03:46:51 AM
i can see the end of America comming
all you sour bastards talking about Russia not to worry about Americas missile defense system in Europe.... maybe Russia will Deside to put a Russian missile defense system in Cuba again.. then Russia can claim that we are protecting you against Osama Binladin....

i can predict the day that this will happen your gas prices will be double triple and even five times more.. your stock market will crash . you will have an economic disaster ...

China will of course be sided with Russia and they will sell your debt bringing America to its knees... this alone can cripple America..

i hope u will put your missile defense system in its right place up your ass!!!
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11:48:46 PM

dagger at Russias throat is good.
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11:50:38 PM

Russia is built on criminals
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Joseph (euromelero)
12:03:28 AM
Dear Platipus
Dear Platipus in response to your writting's dated 07/22/2008
you can put your daggers up your ass..
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Joseph (euromelero)
09:27:30 AM
Moscow newpaper reported today

While they are deploying the anti-missile systems in Poland and the Czech Republic, our long-range strategic aircraft already will be landing in Cuba. Moscow Izvestia newspaper reported.. Izvestia said this apparently refers to long-range nuclear-capable bombers.

Moscow newspaper report that Russia may send nuclear bombers to the island, and said Cuba doesn't owe any explanation to Washington about the story.
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11:07:22 PM

Have daggers?
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Joseph (euromelero)
02:52:51 PM
Dear ????
Dear nameless person in response to your posting dates 07/24/2008
No daggers just a big one to go in your mouth!
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10:38:49 PM


Zis iz veri good name

I lik zis name.

Yo like me name?

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Joseph (euromelero)
06:37:52 AM
Dear Pelvis
Dear Pelvis in response to your posting dated 07/28/2008

cool name!

plz support communist ideals
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reema albert999
02:04:01 PM
platipus and pelvis are the same person.
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Joseph (euromelero)
04:47:48 AM

I C I like the name pelvis better...
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Joseph (euromelero)
05:22:33 AM
Dear comrade pelvis
Dear comrade pelvis in response to your posting dated 07/285/2008
da i like your name pelvis.. minia sabut Joseph. Kak dela?
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Joseph (euromelero)
09:09:15 PM

i seen your mom's and sisters ohhhh
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08:09:06 PM
reginald rychliski
Im sure Putin is very inteligent and that its your logic that is flawed. Whatever reasons they had for what they did I dont know, and im very sure you dont know either.

OMG youre crazy in every way, go lock your self in for the saftey of humanity. Russia could just stop building those expensive weapons and build better homes or whatever makes it more fun to live, but if youre in a hurry to die why not build a weapon to play with.

Fedor, Russia have is conducting espionage against european companies even today. China does it too! But thats just good its proof that we have a healthy industry that is evolving. I hope the time never come when we have to spy on others.

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08:42:29 PM
Joseph (euromelero
Dont russia have nuclear weapons near europe? They can move nukes to Kalingrad within a day. You dont have to be affraid and possiby piss your pants, europe wont attack Russia so chill down.

So we really dont mind if US place Nukes in europe pointed against you. Or we could just destroy all our nuclear weapons and be happy but youre most likley to affraid to do that or am I wrong.

Im no military expert, but I see it very unlikley a few strategic bombers can do much to USA from Cuba except bringing fear. Or do they have 200 Fighters escorting them? They will just get blown up in the air. The ICBM is a bigger threat or am i wrong?

----------- You said

we have produces the most millionars out of any other country in fact we have most rich people out of any other country we are an oil rich nation..

you live in a material world... you dont even hold riches man in the world no more.. see your country is poor and in debt

---------- I say, sounds like some stupid propaganda

Whoever produces the most millionars out of any other country isnt a sign at all whatever your country is rich or not, its like saudi arabia. Russia is improving but far from everyone is living under a good standard.

You talk about money, how its important to have most millionars in the world, how rich you are (I dont see Russians as a rich people) but after that you complain about USA (the west) to be a material world. What are you rich russians doing with your millions? Not buying material things i assume cuz thats something bad.

Most countries are in debt, but if you understand economics that dont have to be something bad. Youre problaby very low educated. A question, how many dollars do you get from your rich countrys oil? Nothing i guess. What are riches to you, oil? Give me a good definition of the word "riches".

By the way, Germany would have owned you if they wassnt at war with the whole world at the same time. There was no glory for Russia in world war 2, all glory to Germany who was alone versus the world, thats glory if something is !
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07:39:44 PM

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