Sunday, August 25, 2019
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My Experiences with Russian Siberia   
Siberia is very cold as many people may guess but really very friendly place to visit. If you like to discover Russia and its true identity you should go to Siberia for your vacation. The best time to travel to Siberia is July and August so that you will see its nature not covered by snow which is also very beautiful.

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03:35:38 PM

well, your just lucky they didnt throw you in of those famous siberian labor camps we have heard so much about. yeah thats a good idea for us americans.
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12:26:06 PM

yes yes i agree, the best time to travel to siberia is in july and august, that is the best time to see all the homos that live there parade in the streets.
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James Bond
12:40:26 AM

Some people on this forum like to pretend that they are americans: "for us, americans".
Looking at their english: they are NOT AMERICANS: they do all typical mistakes for intermediate level of english. They are probably just too shameful of their own nationality and identity.
They go to forum made for russians living in US, because they need place to spend their anger, and they hope that only russians will notice them (russians will not deal with them back in russia, though some people call it nationalism, but I call it a healthy distaste for dirty people who don't have any respect or honor).
The secret is: just ignore them. Yes, a lot of americans are ignorant, but they are not dirty as certain people from little villages in the Caucus mountains. If you keep it in mind- you will easily detect those villagers from the most ignorant midwestern americans, who are hard working people, not too smart, but they were still raised with respect for different cultures and nationalities.
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05:48:03 AM
Reply to James Bond's post dated 5/1/2009 12:40:26 AM
Yes James, If someone is not American he has no right to speak freely. It is so obvious, so you did not have to bother yourself...
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11:08:13 AM
Siberia would be a good adventure place.
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