Saturday, September 22, 2018
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I love Chiakovskii music   
Really enjoy listening to his music and very much impressed with the way he composed it. Very unique way that you can recognize even if you don't listen to his music before.

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05:08:26 PM
maslenitsa report for school
do anyone having any personnel stories about maslenitsa? Why it is imortant? How it changed after being suspended after 85 years? any funny stoires? what the best day is.
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04:07:28 PM

what is this talk about maslentia , what is this word, too many words. we spit on russia, we spit on putin, ask joseph to tell you about some of his trips to maslenitsa , he has lots of homo sex stories to tell you.
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06:35:59 PM

Ive never heard this chiakovski music, but I suggest some real music like, MEGADETH, SLAYER,BLACKSABBATH,METTALICA. Let chiakovske compete with that.
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06:37:09 PM

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12:20:55 PM

I know I was taking a laxitive the day named malintia or something like that, it worked really well.
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Comrade Col. Joseph
07:27:59 AM

what kinda shit is that... homo music!!! it sounds like some kinda african tribal music
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