Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Travel and Tourism!!   
Hello all,

Tourism is my hobby and I love travel around the beautiful and historical places all over the world. I think travel to different country or city it the best way to enjoy vacation and holidays. As travelling is a great source of entertainment as well as it is also source to improve your knowledge about other countries, their cultures, traditions, lifestyles and their people. It is a nice way to enjoy your free time. What about you guys? Share something about your hobby?
Do you like travelling?

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07:38:09 AM
Tourism is my hobby
I love traveling. I feel my mind changing as I broaden my horizons and I also like to learn another culture, meet new people, understand their lifestyle. My last trip was just to Russia to St. Petersburg. I bought plane tickets and booked a hotel room in the city center.
For a couple of days I walked around the city on my own, watched the streets, went to bars, etc. Then I decided to see the historical sights and took a private tour https://petersburg.expert/tour/private-sightseeing-by-car/.
Very pleased with the organization! So my vacation for six days was a success)
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Kaima 88
12:36:00 PM
Dearest one
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Kaima Nima
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Nima Kaima
08:24:27 PM
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Go ahead, send money. You will be sure to experience emotions afterward.

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08:30:38 PM
I like traveling, also. Moscow and St. Petersburg are most interesting destinations. It would be interesting to see Ukraine or Georgia, also.
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Twal the wall
07:59:09 PM
Did you guys rig the election
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Twal the wall
08:00:28 PM
Yo Kaima Reply to Kaima 88's post dated 4/12/2019 12:36:00 PM
You rigged the election didn’t you
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