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Websites by Indologists   
What websites can I visit to find out more about Indologists?

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Sorry it's actually http://stephenknapp.wordpress.com & not as mentioned
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peruse: www.vedanet.com
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Went through the websites mentioned.

see this:

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comrade, it's http://www.omilosmeleton.gr/en/default_en.asp
by Greek Indologist
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4,000-year-old Aryan city discovered in Russia
dated: October 5, 2010

4,000-year-old Aryan city discovered in Russia

London: Russian archaeologists have unearthed some ancient and virtually unknown settlements, which they believe were built by the original Aryan race about 4,000 years ago.

According to the team which has discovered 20 spiral-shaped settlements in remote Russia steppe in southern Siberia bordering Kazakhstan, the buildings date back to the beginning of the Western civilisation in Europe.

The Bronze Age settlements, experts said, could have been built shortly after the Great Pyramid, some 4,000 years ago, by the original Aryan race whose swastika symbol was later adopted by the Nazis in the 1930s.

TV historian Bettany Hughes, who explored the desolate part of the steppe for BBC programme ‘Tracking The Aryans,' said, “Potentially, this could rival ancient Greece in the Age of the Heroes.”

The remains of the ancient city were explored for the first time around 20 years ago, shortly after the then Soviet officials relaxed the laws banning non-military aerial photography.

The Aryan's language has been identified as the precursor to a number of modern European tongues. — PTI
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In His book, diary of a travelling preacher, Indradyumna Swami records a conversation with professor Alexander Vasilyavich Medvedev, chairman of the religious affairs committee of the Urals region.

Professor Medvedev: “The problem amongst our leaders may not be so much in having to accept your movement, but to accept that the Vedic culture could have very well been the original culture here in Russia. You know in Russia practically all the scientists accept that the Vedic culture once flourished here, the centre being in the Volga river region.

The debate among our scientists is only if the Aryans came from India or they originated here. There is much evidence to the fact that Vedic culture existed here, most notably the Russian Veda”

“The Russian Veda” Interrupted Indradyumna Marharaj.

“Yes, it is famous amongst our people, it is as old as Russia, and the stories are exactly like those in the Vedic scriptures. The central figure of the Russian Veda is a personality called Krishen. He is the upholder of spiritual truths and the killer of many demons. His killing of a witch and snake are exactly like the history of child Krsna killing the putana and aghasura demons in the bhagavat puranas. But the Russian Veda is not intended for children. It is full of spiritual truths.”

Source: http://www.gauranga.org/vedic.htm
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