Friday, May 25, 2018
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Russian lesson to Americans in Afganistan   
Learn from Russian experiences fighting in Afganistan.


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01:52:00 AM
Americans in Afganistan
This is the way to go B-1 Bombers leveling a village in Afganistan....

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02:06:03 AM
USA support to Afgan Taliban
Here is another good video....

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02:41:02 AM
Watch last part of this video
This is the only truth that I heared from US Amry Solider. Watch it and you will understand all three videos that I posted above.

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Red Blooded American
01:33:13 PM
Russian lesson to Americans in Afganistan
I did not watch your videos but I do remember the Russian/Afgan War. And yes we should have learned a lesson not only from the Russian/Afgan war but also our Korean and Vietnam Wars.

The U.S. fights to many nice wars. We destroy a little then we build it back at our (tax payers) expense then the Afgans, or whoever, destroy what we just built for them or they use it against us.

Why don't we just wipe the bastards out with the the bombers you spoke of? I don't know. But it seems pretty simple to me. It would save a lot of American lives and get rid of quite a few idiots.

We could turn their country into a wasteland then start building it back from scratch. Then the USA and Russia could both benefit from it.
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American citizen
11:01:24 AM
Russian lesson to Americans in Afganistan
We should take the soviet experience in afganistan and learn from it, we make many of the same mistakes as the red army did, and we dont need to, if we just were to learn from the soviet-afgan war.
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02:54:50 AM
U.S.A. should also learn from histories of ancient India, Greek and Roman Empires

Dear American sisters and brothers,

We would like your nation to live long rather than crumble like Greek and Roman empires. For this you should know why they crumbled. According to modern science ever action has a reaction. Every effect has a cause.

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05:42:09 AM
Russian lesson
We should learn from Russians!!!
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