Monday, March 8, 2021
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Israel bombing civilians and US Media is silent   
Israel is bombing civilians and killing them in hundreds while US Media is totally silent on that. When Russia bombed military targets and two three civilian houses were bombed by mistake it was frenzy among all sorts of Media in the USA. Everybody was accusing Russia of disproportional use of force. However, when US ally Israel bombs most populous region in the world called Gaza, no one give the f...k about civilian casualties. Western Hypocrisy at its best... US people are totally brainwashed since no one is even doubting Israel actions with so many kids and women being killed.

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Red Blooded American
03:06:11 PM
Israel bombing civilians and US Media is silent
This is just "Russian/Arab Propaganda".
The US media has stated that civilians have been killed in the bombings. But I would not be suprised if the CRAZY ARAB EXTREMISTS were putting civilians in harms way by placing them in military target areas.
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11:06:46 PM
Media has stated
You are right when you said Media has stated, but there is no hysteria like US had when Russia defended civilians of South Osetia. US Media was hysterical about Russia attacking Georgia and your Bush put a blame on Russia... now the opposite is happening... and Bush still put a blame on the wrong side... It is Palestinians fault that they are being killed in masses by indiscriminate fire... When Russian forces bombed Georgians and only once civilian target was killed Russian were presented as blood thirsty killers, when Israel killing hundreds women, children and elderly US is silent. The only excuse you got is that Terrorists are putting themselves among population. HAMAS is the local government and as any government it has office within city walls, just like any normal government would do... so if you say HAMAS is hiding behind civilians its like saying that USA President and all his workers are hiding behind civilians... don't be stupid... HAMAS is a civil an authority in GAZA which has police stations, hospitals, civilian institution all within proximity of the civilian population as it should have...
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10:05:43 PM
Honestly Mike, if you talk to most Americans, we are just plain tired of fighting Israels wars for them. We know Israel is behind most of these wars, we are not stupid.
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06:28:27 AM
Israel is a fascist state!
Iran will destroy it.
The western worls is victim to Zionist infiltration.
Israel will make America go to war with Iran as it did in Iraq!
The Israelis are the biggest killers in the 2o century.
Europe must Destoy Israel with America or else there is no hope for anyone!!!!
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david m
05:49:11 PM
cartoon backstory
for something that reinforces your points--USmediaAndIsrael.com
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albert 999
12:22:47 AM
comrade Joseph
Joseph, these horrible jews on topix are bashing Russia, saying it is a hell hole with violence and crime , and ghettos. They made me angry. Will you straighten them up. You know more about Russia then I do.

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