Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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What really happened in South Ossetia?   

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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
03:49:45 AM
thats what really happened
the stupid Georgians tried to take over the break away state of South Ossetia and the Russians kicked ass!!!
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04:36:46 PM

Evil russians think they have power to do anything, but their time is over! What they did in Georgia is uncalled for and they really cursed themselves by attacking peaceful civillians on their own territory. I wish their mentality had changed but unfortunately they remained in the 18th century. Shame on you! Stop aggression and leave us alone. you are useless and worthless.
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03:24:18 PM
just a very long thought
To say the truth it is the inocent people that suffer on both sides. I am a georgian and it does hurt me to see what has happened in Osetia and overall in Abkhazia. I more then anyone know what its like i am half Abhaz half Georgian. I blaim our president for being to emotional and irrational. Now i blaim him for a lot but he did what he could to deffend georgian terretorial interests. Can one blaim him for all when our so called big neighbour is constantly interfearing, putting economic blocades and blocking all possibilities for the Georgian republic to establish trades and ties with the west. I understand Russia seeks to remain a superpower that it no longer is and a small country like Georgia is only a small figure in a chess game in a larger Geopolitical confrontation between East and west. Usa is investing heavilly into georgia both economy and millitary but who is to blaim. Usa offers something Russia has the old mentallity they only now how to threaten. The russian president, oh yes does anyone know any longer who that is. The little kindersurprise MEDVEDEV or his puppet master PUTIN. Naturally i forgot a democraticlly ellected president Medvedev. South osetia an independent country, with what 50 thousand people and abkhazia some 80 thosand. More then 440 thousand georgians were kicked out of there in the first civil wars by the russian Army. I was there as a child when the russian planes and millitary was shooting at fleeing refugees. So please do not dare anyone to talk about russian compassion they dont care about anyone. In five years from now the two breakaway regions will be setled by russian, and become part of russia. For those of you out there who seem to have learned the words Osetia and Abkhazia inthe last 2 years through the generous russian median plz. open the history books. Though the georgian monesteries and ancient ruins which date in those regions as far as 6th century are being painted white to eliminate georgian writting they are still eternal reminder of georgian history. So i probably drifted off butthank you again my neighbour for reminding me how generous you are and how brilliant Putin is . Suplying arm to separatists and provoking a conflict in the midst of ellections in usa and olympics. The leader of new russia with billions in swiss banks and familly living in germay a true democrat that cares about his people. What goes around comes around. Georgia is a tiny country thats been inavded over and over again by empired but we r still here. And when this this New Russia will crumble we will be there too.
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Comrade col. Joseph (euromelero)
06:47:36 AM
Reema999 come back to me
The Georgian race should be exterminated without delay!!! And all the supporters of the Georgians should be labeled as homosexuals and executed without delay
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Comrade col. Joseph (euromelero)
06:48:05 AM
dont go into the light reema999
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12:04:19 PM
Reema999 homosexuallover
REEMA999 what you know about Georgia Ossetians and Caucasus?
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12:05:43 PM
Comrade col.Joseph sucks
Joseph do you know anything about Caucasus?
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04:47:16 PM
North Ossetian Issue
What I want you all to say is that North Ossetia - The land of real Ossetians, should be independent. How can so called 'S. Ossetia' which is (and always was) Georgian territory be "independent" and N. Ossetia not? All of Ossetians living in S.O. are from N.O. and real ossetian soil is part of Russian Federation. Logically, (and considering Russia's good will towards Ossetians) when we request independence, Russia should be first to recognize it. Otherwise, no one believe that Russia wants good for Ossetians.
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