Friday, February 23, 2018
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time time time is on my side.. yes it is.....   

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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
03:19:12 AM

Someone please assassinate Obama.. His face bothers me.. Its only a madder of time, someone will do it.. He’s the man with the lips like a cow...
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12:00:06 AM

I can't stand looking at his ugly face either.
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12:02:35 AM

And why doesn't he feed his damn family in Kenya. Or better then that go be their president. Help his own family out first.His brother has to subside on termites, he digs out of a tree , with one of those sticky sticks. The monkeys had to teach him how to do this.
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11:01:12 PM
The sheep in russia deserve a plague like the ones unleashed on the Ukraine and chechnia by the communists. The only good red is a dead one.
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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
03:54:39 AM
execution without delay
Stupd Ukrainian.. your all a bunch of criminals.. your all a no good race.. you are the plague.. you should be executed without delay....
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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
03:55:09 AM

Hi Reema999 how are you doing? long time no see
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is that rite
08:46:32 PM
the comraderie between fools
i just had to post after seeing some of the blatant hate,evil,mistrust and bigotry on this site,some of you people should be ashamed of yourselves because your mothers probably tried to teach you better,and then some of you sounds like your mothers should be shamed for having had you. anger seems to be your masters and therby you are enslaved to an ugly god who is making you into an ugly person with an ugly life and soul,your a poison to the human race,emphasis on human we are all one race if you don't believe me ask god he'll talk to those who listen,and if you don't believe in him then guess what geniuses the jokes on you because while your busy spending your limited time on earth hating and spreading your own brand of poisoned reasoning now,eternity which will last for, well,an ETERNITY, is coming up behind you and yours is not going to be pleasant i bet. from what i hear from those unfortunate enough to have been there it is extremely hot,it is very loud,you are in an acutual cell a very small cell complete with demonic creatures tormenting you physically and emotionally night and day and the worst part i heard is that you have physical and emotional desires such as your sleepy but you won't be able to sleep,you''l be tired but you can never rest,and you will always be conscious for people like yourself of the reasons or reason you got there in the first place,which is totally missing the reason you exist is to live for Jesus Christ and to love and care for your fellow human being no matter what their color is,so choose you this day whom you will serve or continue to be your worst self,you've been warned.!
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06:51:34 AM
i want sex
plz send me sexy storys


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10:02:42 PM
Dear is that rite
You sound hateful yourself, condemming me to the fiery torments of hell. That just doesn't sound very christian like, I was just saying...........
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