Sunday, May 26, 2019
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russia weakened   
My personal thinking is that the US and China are now the 1-2 punch of the new cold war. I think Russia has been purposely weakened to prepare it for an assault by China. As a matter of opinion, I detest Chinese culture and do not trust them. Europeans have been weakened by the African assualt from the south and I'll bet China tries to sweep through Russia within 50 years or less. These number do not encourage me:
Population, China 1.2 billion, Russia 150 million,
GNP, China $6 Trillion, Russia 1.4 Trillion
Active soldiers, China 2.4 million, Russia 950,000
Russia looks to have an impressive Tank force and superior technology but it is now selling some of its nukes to stay afloat and I don't like this whole thing of Negro invasion from the south and Chinese economic buildup and Russian economic collapse at the same time. This looks bad. Russia may be prevented from becoming a full partner of the EU thing because of its politics. A strong, nationalist leader will not be tolerated by EU unless things change a lot anyways.

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05:33:01 PM
Money, soldiers, tanks and airforces are irrelevant. Russia has an arsenal of 14700 missiles with nuclear warheads. If someone attacks Russia, the world will end. But then again who knows what can happen.
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05:38:54 PM

A more pressing concern seems to be the influx of Chinese {along with other non whites and muslims from the south} economic migrants to Russia,this is the key problem that must be addressed immediately as it is a matter of racial survival. What do you guys plan to do about that. Are you going to become a minority in your own country too?
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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
03:11:11 AM
Modesty patrol
I have said this a hundred times... we need a modesty patrol in America. A kind of police that goes around in pick up trucks and takes away the homosexuals and prostitutes. I seen this black women on the streets im almost sure she was a prostitute.. Under my idea all these people once they are picked up by the modesty patrol they would be taken to a homosexual concentration camp and eventually executed without delay...
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03:36:00 PM
America country of terrors
The Terrorists USA: Harry Zienkewich FBI-state of Massachusetts Tell 4135625411-ext 146. Him Partner Bill Dolan FBI. Sgt.WILKINSON-West Springfield police gangs CASE#532011791.CASE#15174 tell 4132633210 ext 0. Detectiv W Springfield Police gangs tell 4132633211 ext 1. Troopers Jackson, Laflache Tell 4137855547. Judge Sacks city Springfield. The Terrorists stoles and saling children for a crime. case#04D0066. Against terrorists USA opened criminal CASE#08-T100 Gitit. Tell 2127418401.Officer Pryimak. Where is America ? InsideUSA fashism, terrorism against citizan different countries. HUNTER.!!!
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10:51:26 AM
And this is why ive been whining about that Russians shouldnt be so negative against Nato but rather join Nato instead. I dont like China, the people in China or their culture at all. They will take over the world if nothing happens we will all be slaves under that huge country and our interests will be pushed away.

Reema999 you also said something about Russias Polulation vs China compared to land mass. As long as everyone get their resources people are happy, but when the world cant produce enough for the market wars will break out unless humanity learn how to controll its population. If not, then Russia is in a very bad situation with such a huge landmass and low population. Its not very easy to defend such a large country either and your eastern parts of Russia isnt very populated or is it? How many live in eastern Russia?

"matter of racial survival. What do you guys plan to do about that. Are you going to become a minority in your own country too?"

Yes today you dont have to fight a war to take over someone else country just move there and settle down. The situation is much worse here then what you have first of all we are only 7 million and the number is decreasing, about 1,5 milion muslims and africans in 25 years. Theres no limit either they just keep coming it can go on forever in 80 years a normal Sweden is a black muslim. Sometimes I wounder if it shouldnt be better if Russia came and took over Sweden instead of giving it away to those parasites.

Maybe we somehow can manage to send those africans and muslims to fight China, hopefully they both die there. :oP

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Kateri Blackwing
09:15:51 PM
Modesty Reply to Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero) 's post dated 11/5/2008 3:11:11 AM
No we don't need a modesty patrol if there is one they better watch because people will either beat them up or shoot them you are a narrowminded ass hol
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