Monday, June 17, 2019
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McCain Obama debate on Russia   
What are these two men said about Russia in thier debate tonight? I missed the debate and wanted to know their positions.

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Comrade colonel Joseph (euromelero)
06:45:17 AM
to hell with booth of them
Obama is a homosexual he has purple lips like cow...
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01:48:38 PM

Did you hear about his brother that lives in the darkest deepest parts of Africa, resorting to cannabalism in order to stay alive.
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01:55:46 PM
They were both for bailing out the banks. Which leads me to believe , the government gave us those two candidates. I would have went with Ron Paul.
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01:16:08 AM

Worst of all, the Treasury Department has recently proposed that the Federal Reserve, which was responsible for the housing bubble and subprime crisis in the first place, be rewarded for all its intervention by being turned into a super-regulator. The Treasury foresees the Fed as the guarantor of market stability, with oversight over any financial institution that could pose a threat to the financial system. Rewarding poor-performing financial institutions is bad enough, but rewarding the institution that enabled the current economic crisis is unconscionable.
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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
06:05:54 AM
can somebody tell me what the hell!!! Iceland on the brink of bankruptcy!!!
Can someone tell me what the hell, Iceland country to go bankrupt!!!!
The first country to ever go bankrupt!!!
This is the beginning of the end. Iceland economy will bring down Europe!!! This country (Iceland) is tied in its economy to Europe... already the Iceland currency is worth half of what it was worth...
Why the hell did the government ever let us get into such a situation to were the bank executives can control are future in such a way... already the insurance companies can decide if we live or die.
These separatist traitor bank executives are walking away with millions in some cases billions for their failures, American government said that they have acted within the law.. these separatist traitors should be executed without delay..
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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
06:16:23 AM
durty Dark skin, worser than dogs
Dear comrade reema999 in response to your posting dated 10/01/2008
I agree with you!!! They have lips like cows; maybe that’s what they eat when they eat each other in their cannibalism. :-)
Most people I come across aren’t voting for the dark skin one... everyone I talk to seems to be crossing over from democrat to republican or just voting republican. One person I meet was voting for fist time and it was for Mac Cain... I think this Sara pailen Peron is doing allot for Mac Cain. I think she will be the reason he will win... and then Mac Cain will die of natural causes and she will be first female president. Plus she’s really pretty
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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
06:31:10 AM
Comrade reema999
Dear comrade reema999 in response to your posting dated 10/01/2008
I see they are booth bailing out the banks... I see them booth as out of touch Washington dogs. I think the only one that seems to relate to the average middle class person is Sara Pailen... honestly these candidates are a treat to our very system in America... America is almost at its knees. What do you all think will happen if lets say china would go into war with the U.S? Of course china will also sell off out debt and then the US economy would be broken!! People we can’t afford to put our self’s in such a situation to were America can’t afford anything. The hard truth is that America can’t afford another war. Our forces are already stretched. Chinese military is well prepared they now have the biggest navy in the world. While our American government is giving it to its own citizens in the ass the Chinese government is aggressively seeking to dominate all the resources of all country’s it can get its hands on... what America needs to think communist!! We need to help the average American. We need to nationalize our healthcare for Americans and we need a modesty patrol on our streets to teach all these whore women how to dress in America and to execute all the dark skin people in mass graves and to order all the homosexuals into a homosexual concentration camp...
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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
03:37:38 AM
someone find and execute this stupid girl
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Comrade Joseph
04:59:38 PM

I'm quite disturbed on what's going on in America. They project in another twenty years, whites will be the minority. Russians are still the white majority aren't they?
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05:01:10 PM
comrade Joseph
Whoops I was supposed to put your name under subject.In the United States: According to recent census projections Blacks will gradually become all but extinct, just like Whites will.
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01:06:53 PM
America, country of lies
I Don't know different country lies ,like AMERICA
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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
04:03:12 AM
give me communism or give me death
lets execute all blacks!! and reema999 too
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12:46:40 PM
the problems in our political activities
the only options that can prevent
and harness our political activities.
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