Monday, June 17, 2019
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Russian strategic bombers Tu-160 in Venezuela   
Russian Tu-160 has been landed in Venezuela as a part of military knowledge exchange. This is Russia's assymetrical answer to the USA support of Georgia and arrival of the USA NAVY in Georgian ports, which are just few hundered miles away from Russia.

Russian NAVY fregate will be stationed in Venezuela as well. Russia should increase its presence across friendly nations next to US borders and reciprocate in the kind of provocations that US was trying to put up in Georgia.

Cuba should be used to put Russian anti-ICBM radar and install its own. Just to make sure that any offensive steps in Poland and Check Republic are countered.

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06:10:57 PM

Very good stradegy!!!!!
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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
05:45:29 AM
Very good stradegy!!!
Dear comrade albert999 in response to your statement dated 09/18/2008 I am in agree with you... just look at what America has don’t recently in Pakistan, America has not respected the territorial integrity of Pakistan US Attack helicopters keep crossing into Pakistani territory and killing innocent people.. And America talks about Russia should not be protecting South Ossettia and afhkasia... those words that America said are coming from an America that took over Iraq and Afghanistan... America is also responsible for the independence that Kosovo declared from Serbia; this declaration of independence of Kosovo is a false illegal declaration.. The people of Serbia will never recognize a false state of kosovo... America and president bush are responsible for this lawlessness and rape of the law... these political prostitutes and separatist traitors that are supporting the west should be executed without delay....
We still have large amounts of people in Kosovo we need another large rally to show the world that we don’t accept.... take this rally to the American embassy, these Americans need to know that they are not welcome in our former soviet republics... if we need to beat since into the Americans then let it be... our ancestors bleed and their blood fell into the dirt on the territories of the former soviet republics ITS OUR COMMUNIST DUTY to protect the land that is ours..
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12:50:58 AM
war without
when it happens in denmark i will hate all russian if that case out.
Danish responsive to its people.
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