Monday, June 17, 2019
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USA is preparing CIA agents for Russia   
I was checking my email today and saw this email :) What is USA military up to these days? Is there another Cold War brewing in the horizon?

------------------------------------EMAIL BODY------------------------------
I was looking for those Russian how would be able to do an excersize with the military in a military base in Florida, its for about a week starts September 18 to 24 and we pay $270 a day plus all the expenses are paid you do not have to pay for anything we take care of all the expenses we needed more people but now we need only two more guys who would be able to do this job its pretty interesting and good pay job if you are interested or any of your friends please call me or email me at your earliest convenience thank you.

I did not put from message email address, just to be nice to this person.

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12:55:35 PM
Cold War just started
US is sponsoring Georgia in order to balance Russian rise in power. It will be ideal for US to distract Russia from world expansion. This is the lesson Russia must learn and start expansion in Iraq, South America and every there else where US is being resented.
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01:06:19 PM
LOL laughing my ass off =)
Russian girls

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and this one

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Im starting to get the picture why Russias economy is growing, youre selling your girls to us. So you can increase your military budget and play with guns instead ;)

heres another one...

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07:39:27 PM
This is google
Google provides these ads and it is targeted to people who has histories of browsing for Russian Girls, I guess you are one of them... why don't you check them out.
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07:52:04 PM
sorry havent looked for russian girls, or girls at all over internet =) so that has to be wrong

guess I got targeted by those adds cuz im male
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12:13:35 AM
Russian Women
Haaaaaaaaaa HA sorry sweden the russian girls are all coming to America,but you can have the ugly ones!
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The Canadian
11:31:45 AM
The Canadian - Forget cold-wars and betrayal of your own country - Find a Nice woman !!!!!!!!!!!!
Russian woman forget America come to Canada, leave these people that are talking about cold wars and their readyness to betray their own country. You can wrestle with us in Canada. Haha ;)
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07:52:53 PM
What the US Military is up to
As a former military member, let me tell you what the military is up to in the USA.

We are trying to get home alive and stop fighting for bull**it reasons and we just want to beat this recession and spend time with our families.

Nobody wants to die... well maybe a few morons do.

As far as Russian Women online... it is a strange trend, though I never ahve met anyone who has done this.
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Comrade Col. Joseph
07:45:59 AM

HalyconPrime you say you dont want to die and you dont want to fight for bull**... then why do your country men accept it?? why do you do it??? you do have a choice? you can choose not to.. am i not correct?
you Americans will be draged true the gaits of hell and burn...

your stupid NATO shot at me in Kosovo...

your country is a third class country now... America is nothing.. your women dont value a marriage.. your country is full of blacks and homosexuals. you even have a animal for a president...
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