Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Georgia sensorship at its best   
Georgian authorities have blocked most access to Russian news broadcasters and websites since the outbreak of the conflict with Moscow. :) Why is that? They are democracy, they love freedom of speach and choice... why I don't hear anything about this from USA. All Western Media cry outloud when China sensored western media but when Georgia stoped all access to Russian media there is no one say a shit from West about it.. West has to stop double standards if it wants the rest of the world have any respect for its "western values"

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01:16:37 PM

yeah, well I have shit to say, right now the Georgian people are traumatized, thier government doest want your your kremlin controlled news, to terrorize thier citizins right now with your big, lying abusive russian mouths.
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01:30:47 AM
Cannot compramise democracy
Does not matter. If you call yourself a democracy, you have to go with it. There is no 50% democracy and 50% total sensorship... call who you are..
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01:03:47 PM

There isnt such a thing as 100 percent free sensorship, just look at the news stations promoting obama, turning him into the messiah, while making hillary look like a cold racist bitch. I didnt see fair and unbiased news reporting.
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01:13:31 PM

you got to be yourself....you cant be no one else.
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11:57:55 PM
please type in... obama lives rev kings dream topix. The people in this forum need one of your ass whippings. Im just not as good at it as you are. I tried stealing some of your words, but just doesnt have the same effect.
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Anarkee Child
01:01:35 AM
Yer country is goin DOWN- u won't find dis truth in ruSSian media- Dozey CUNT !

Russia to face collapse in 7 years
Publication time: 2 June 2008, 19:30

The Moscow empire (Russia) has no future. According to the forecasts made by both Russian and foreign experts, by 2015-2020 the degradation among the population will reach such proportions that the healthy part of the population will be unable to provide sustenance for that entire mass of alcoholics, drug addicts and mentally ill people. Economic and social collapse will set in.

In 2009 the demand in the labor market will for the first time exceed the rapidly decreasing supply, and by the year 2015, unless nothing changes, the deficit of manpower will reach $ 13 million, which will not let the economy develop freely.

The World Bank’s Lead Health Specialist of the Human Development Sector Unit, Europe and Central Asia Region Patricio Marquez says that the main reason for the decrease of the able-bodied population in Russia is unusually high death rate from non-epidemic diseases and traumas (i.e. accidents, suicides, violence), which to a great extent is caused by consumption of strong alcoholic beverages.

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) make regular calculations of the damage done to the countries by non-epidemic diseases that make working people die or lose their capacity.

In 2005 in Russia the damages were over $ 11 billion. World Health Organization warns that with the current tendencies by the year 2015 the damages will reach $ 66.4 billion. To compare: in UK the damages in 2005 were only $ 1.6 billion, and by 2015 they will be near $ 6.4 billion, i.e. much lower than in Russia.

These figures are only the lower estimate of the one-time damage caused by loss of employee’s working capacity, without considering the accumulated experience and lost profits. Based on the data of World Health Organization The World Bank decided to evaluate how much Russia will lose from the high death rate among its population.

The World Bank’s estimates can still be considered as moderate. Upon the request from the social council of Russia’s Central Federal District, researchers from the London School of Hygiene and World Health Organization have calculated economic damages based on local researches conducted in cities such as Izhevsk and Kursk. The calculation was done by using various methods, some of which took into consideration the accumulated experience and indirect influence of alcoholism on various areas of life. Other methods were evaluating only direct consequences.

According to the most conservative method, the damages from abuse of alcohol were estimated 2% of the gross domestic product a year. It means that by 2025 the damages will be over 40% of the GDP compared to 20% estimated by The World Bank.

But conservative methods cannot be taking into consideration everything, since they are only aimed at the calculation of damages due to lack of workforce. And many alcoholics are unemployed. Mark Sukra from the World Health Organization is assured: oftentimes they say that alcoholics are unemployed, and they do not add to the workforce, so their loss does not hurt the economy, but this is not so.

In Russia several million children are left unattended by their parents, who either died or lost their parenthood. Most often it happens with parents who are alcoholics. Their children become a burden for the state and the taxpayers.

Just like their parents, the children are left without support. Moreover, the unemployed are a loss of profit for the economy, which is just about to start suffering from lack of workforce in all areas. According to the bravest method of calculations used by British researchers, damages from alcoholism may reach 5% of the GDP a year.

“People with higher education, among whom alcoholism is not that frightening, often think that it does not concern them. Yet there is a real pestilence going on among the educated strata of society, whose consequences are spreading to everybody else.” Even if you are a successful and moderately-drinking representative of the middle class, who was lucky enough never to encounter drunken criminals or drivers, you are still suffering from alcoholism because the country as a whole becomes poorer.

Can alcoholism be curbed and what is the point of making all of these calculations, since drinking has always been popular in Russia? All you have to do is look at the death rate among male adults in 19th century in order to understand that they were not drinking the way they are today.

You don’t have to go too far into the distant past. Only as far back as in 1970s, long before any anti-alcoholic campaigns, alcohol was consumed 1.5 times less than it is nowadays, and death rate among working age males was 1.5 times lower. So, what is happening now is not normal. Even though it does happen to the countries that go through tough times and have the longstanding traditions of consuming hard alcoholic beverages.

For instance, such was the case in Poland, where right after the collapse of communism in the late 1980s the consumption rate of strong alcohol skyrocketed and life expectancy among males decreased. This trend was overcome pretty quickly with no pressure on the budget and without putting any strain on the country for the sake of healthy lifestyle. Poland became free and is a Catholic country, while Muscovy is the worldly-renowned center of debauchery and Satanism.

Thus, Russia has no chances for survival. The only rescue is to get the regions out of Moscow’s control, since the key reason for the overall degradation of the population is the lack of freedom, government’s lawlessness and outrageous injustice, all of which will remain for as long as the empire exists.


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Anarkee Child
01:03:14 AM
Puton's propaganda said chechens were involved - know the truth ruSSkie CUNTS !

The Official Statement in connection with reports on involvement of Kadyrov’s gangs in the war against Georgia
Publication time: 12 August 2008, 09:37

Since the worsening of the conflict between Russia and Georgia, and especially after the beginning of armed aggression of Russia against Georgia, the Russian authorities and the media have widely replicated reports that “Chechen units and volunteers from Chechnya” are participating on Russian side in war against Georgia.

In this regard Wekalat (Head Office) of the Caucasus Emirate officially notify that few in number gangs of apostate-mercenaries of ethnic Chechens or representatives of other nationalities of the Caucasus, who consisting of Russian troops, are members of Russian occupation forces, and have nothing to do with the Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate and they are the enemies of the Caucasus Emirate like Russian invaders.

Wakil (Head) of the Caucasus Emirate,
Shamsuddin Batukaev


Anarkee Child
September 1st, 2008 at 9:41 pm 80

Chechens sympathize with Georgia
Publication time: 20 August 2008, 22:01

The fighting in South Ossetia and the subsequent invasion of Georgian territory by Russian troops have become the most widely-discussed topic in Chechnya. Unlike the early 1990s, when Chechnya unconditionally supported the Abkhazians and South Ossetians, the majority of Chechens are nowadays sympathetic to the Georgian side, even though the GRU spetsnaz Vostok and Zapad battalions, which are composed of ethnic Chechens, fought on the South Ossetian side.

Even some veterans of the fighting in Abkhazia have told Prague Watchdog’s correspondent that they have regrets about the past and that today they would take up arms to defend Georgia. According to one of them, 46-year-old Murad, who fought against Georgian forces in Abkhazia under the well-known Chechen commander Umalt Dashayev (who was killed near Grozny in December 1994), in those days Moscow used the Chechens to attain its goals, and succeeded in sowing discord and hatred among the peoples of the Caucasus.

“In 1992 the Russians really brought Georgia to its knees at our hands, the hands of Caucasians. The war in Abkhazia was won by volunteers from the North Caucasus republics, and everyone knows it. There were Chechens, Kabardinians, Adygs, Ossetians and representatives of other North Caucasian republics. In those days we thought we were defending Abkhazia, which was striving for independence, and only later did the realization come that the Kremlin was trying to solve its problems here with our hands and our blood. Many of those who fought in Abkhazia later died in the fighting against Russian troops, including the three best-known Chechen commanders, Umalt Dashayev, Khamzat Gelayev and Shamil Basayev. In 1992 Russia called us heroes, but in 1994 they said we were ‘bandits’ and ‘illegal armed formations’. Now I regret that I fought against the Georgians back then,” says Murad.

“Today, after the two bloody wars that have rolled over Chechnya, I understand what’s happening in Georgia. Russian propaganda says one thing, while the Kremlin and the military leadership do another. It was Moscow that led the provocations by South Ossetia against Georgia, and when Tbilisi was forced to launch a military operation, Moscow immediately sent its troops onto the territory of another state and began to bomb and shell Georgian cities. That’s real international terrorism,” the veteran says.

The majority of Chechens share this opinion. “Where the peoples of the Caucasus and indeed of anywhere else are concerned, Russia has always stuck to one principle: ‘divide and rule’. What’s happening in South Ossetia and Georgia today is a continuation of the imperial policy of enslaving peoples at the hands of their neighbours. Any reasonable person can understand that wars don’t just happen spontaneously. They’re prepared for months and sometimes even years in advance. I realized that Russia was preparing to wage war in Georgia several years ago, when the Russian authorities began to hand out Russian passports to the residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. That’s more or less the same as if the Americans were to give US passports to the Chechens, and then announce that it was going to protect its ‘citizens’ by force of arms,” says Grozny lawyer Umar Khankarov. “What Russia has done in Georgia is an open challenge to the entire international community.”

“Even though a peace agreement is now being signed between Russia and Georgia, I don’t have much confidence that Moscow will give up so easily what it has gained. After all, Winston Churchill was right when he said that an agreement with Russia is not worth the paper it’s written on. The Russian soldiers are not just going to leave Georgia like that, and that wasn’t why Moscow sent 15,000 troops there. I fear that the Russian military will resort to any provocation and do anything in order to unleash a full-scale war. The Georgians must be constantly alert, because they can expect a stab in the back at any moment. In 1997 people also believed that the Kremlin was sincere, when Yeltsin and Maskhadov signed a peace agreement. And what happened next?” asks a former deputy of the parliament of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“I have no doubt that the Russian media will now do its best to create an image of Georgians as enemies of Russia. They’ll do it all with the same methods as they used on us Chechens. A mass zombification of the public at large, the preparing of public opinion, perhaps one or two bloody terrorist attacks with a lot of human victims, which will of course be carried out by “persons of Georgian nationality”, and Russia will once again enthusiastically respond to an incendiary call to ‘wipe out the terrorists in the toilet’”, he says with conviction. “The Kremlin will seek at any cost to overthrow the regime of Mikhail Saakashvili, who is stubborn enough to lead his country into NATO, and they’ll put their puppet in Tbilisi. And there’s a suitable candidate to hand - an ‘opposition figure’ who’s been kept warm by Moscow, Igor Giorgadze, Putin’s colleague in the KGB. In my view, some serious ordeals await Georgia in the near future. Very serious ones,” he says.

“In this situation I find the West’s position totally incomprehensible. One or two calls for peace, some half-hearted resolutions, an eagerness to persuade Moscow, rather than take tough measures against Russia as an aggressor state,” Salamu Dikayev, a Chechen student of journalism, says angrily. “I’m afraid that Europe has ‘given up’ Georgia, as it did Chechnya, for the sake of cheap gas and oil. I fully support Georgia in this conflict and wish its people one thing: peace.”

“Russia has behaved and goes on behaving in the Caucasus like a bull in a china shop - breaking and smashing everything around. I find Putin’s speeches and his comments on the events in South Ossetia particularly repulsive. This bloody butcher of the Chechen people, who has the blood of tens of thousands of Chechen women and children on his hands, pretends today that he’s very concerned about the loss of life in South Ossetia. If I had the chance, I would ask him about it. And I have another question for Medvedev and the Russian leadership as a whole: “Why can the Chechen Republic not be independent, while South Ossetia and Abkhazia, whose population and territory are several times smaller than ours, can? Where is the logic in that?”


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03:17:18 AM

Watch what happened in Georgia for real..


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A.C. / chatdilac
03:26:25 AM

Moscal'= barbarian enemy of all humanity and has got to be eliminated by all means !

"ruSSkie Katzapstan censorship at its best !"

pass it to yer friends...

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