Saturday, November 25, 2017
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joseph euromelero plant by usa government   
At first I just regarded Josephs speeches as harmless entertainment,for my amusement, now Im beginning to see some method to his madness. I have two alternate theorys. one, is he is using this website to recruit communists with some wierd plan to change this capitalist government. The abusive language is designed to seek out radical communists willing to fight for change. And my second theory is hes a plant of the usa government itself, to put americans on thier list of enemies of the state.

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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
09:34:07 PM

all you separist traitor american homosexuals anti communist you should all be executed withouty delay
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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
09:35:40 PM
burn american burn
America is the worlds number one enemy... irak afganistan pakistan iran north korea russia cuba venesuela and more... america you cannot take us all...
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Comrade Col. Joseph (euromelero)
02:27:43 AM

all you homosexual separist traitors should be executed without delay!!!1
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Comrade Col. Joseph
07:51:21 AM

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