Monday, June 17, 2019
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Western Media is one sided   
I read newspapers of all major western media and they say only one thing. "Russia is bombing Georgia" However, there is little about Georgia, a U.S. ally whose troops have been trained by American soldiers, that launched a major offensive against South Osetia.

I just try to imaging for one second, if Serbia would launched a major offensive against Kosovo, what would Western Media say about response from USA? Would and Europe, would they say that West is killing innocent Serbs by bombing Serbia infrastructure or would they say that Serbs are monsters that try to kill innocent people of Kosovo... Come on western world, you are shooting yoursefl in the foot one more time and the rest of the world is taking a note.. This is why there is so much miss-trust of USA and its Europena allies...

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05:53:12 PM

Western Media admits that genocide by Georgians was set up by Americans. America helped phsycic Georgian president exactly same way it helped Taliban to fight Russians. US should stop B.S. the rest of the world or image of the USA will be even worse than it is now.

US is trying to tell Russia what to do, however, at the same time committig crime against Iraq where hundered of thousands lives perished due to unjust war that USA opened. So please stop your B.S. america if you want to save your face and pices of remaining dignity.

US Media writes:

"Georgia, a U.S. ally whose troops have been trained by American soldiers, launched the major offensive overnight Friday. Heavy rocket and artillery fire pounded the provincial capital, Tskhinvali, leaving much of the city in ruins."

:) Admit that your were wrong when amred Taliban, admit that you were wrong attacking Iraq and stop your B.S. the rest of the world is fed up with it and cannot take it anymore.
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06:20:08 PM

Not only is the news one sided, thier too busy talking about useless gossip, and keep the american public stupid.
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02:59:44 PM
Actually we do have a free media, right now on you tube, type in georgia, and you will get the russian view point on georgia. you just dont get a free media on the tv.
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03:11:31 PM

what the hell is up with your russian media, i went to you tube and the russians are one sided too, asshole.
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Joseph (euromelero)
04:29:57 AM

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Joseph (euromelero)
04:29:57 AM

your mother is one sided reema999 she only likes me
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03:08:42 PM

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09:54:25 PM
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Comrade Col. Joseph
09:55:21 PM
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01:27:56 AM

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10:08:46 AM
making things clear
As usual the american arrogans and imprudence. Well thats whats left of them. After all you can look at their society and see what they become.

"American" people are completely ignorant(most of them), having no clue about the world around. Well that is not news for people around the world.

We pity you!, Your presidet and your media is happy keeping you as ignorants.

And yes I am speaking and telling you in your own language.

By the way im not Russian, I am from South America.

From Chile. From The real America!!!!!!!

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