Monday, June 17, 2019
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What US cares about?!?!   
I watch US TV and what is the main news of the day?!?!: "Edwards affair". It's not war in South Osetia where Georgians troops leveling city with women, children and eldrely, its not even Olympics... no... its a dirty laundry of the politician. How low can US society be if the main news of the hour is this B.S. Americans answer me....

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Joseph (euromelero)
06:17:35 AM
America is asshole
all America cares about in Georgia is to protect the integrity of the U.S pieline running true Georgia
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11:54:16 AM

I finally had to go to you tube to watch the war. The government keeps the american public stupid on purpose. Dont get me wrong I love PUTIN, but somehow I believe Stalin would have crushed these rebels long before they ever became a problem. Sometimes it takes a ruthless person to run a country. Stalin was ruthless putin is a humanitarian. maybe now you can understand where platipus is coming from. hes one of the old school hard lined communists, you tend to be more progressive.
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01:35:33 PM
Or maybe Putin played the cards right, because now the world sees the united States as monsters.
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Joseph (euromelero)
09:03:17 PM
Dear reema999
Dear reema999 in response to your posting dated 08/09/2008
i agree with you!!! Russia is not crushing them because, Russia dosnt want to crush them.. Georgia is a small flee and then destroyed i heard over 90% of soth ossetia.. for this Georgia should have burned to its knees instead Russia is kindly beating them slowly into submission... in my opinion they should all be executed without delay....
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07:05:32 PM
us news
I get a lot of my news from the internet. I was greatly disturbed about the situation in Georgia. I don't watch much TV news. I get a lot of information here. I think it would be best of the fighting in Georgia would stop and a political solution could be found. There is no point in continued violence in that region
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08:36:23 PM

the georgians sound just like the blacks we have in this country, burning down thier own cities when things dont go thier way.
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Joseph (euromelero)
04:31:56 AM

i say we call for the execution of all georgians... georgians are worse than homosexuals and blacks
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03:16:18 PM

Well I cant defend myself on this one, because i opened my big mouth, untill i studied all the issues. i did not even know who the hell the georgians were, or the country of georgia, i did not know they were alllies of americans, i did not know that thier major religion was christianity. what can i say, here is another example of the american press keeping the american public stupid. At least my first response from my heart came to stick with my race, but my mind tells me different.my heart naturally wants to go with the russian people, but the loyalty towards my country overrides race on this one.
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03:37:13 PM

My dad and brother filled me with communist anti american propaganda. Im just one of those people that have an extreme sense of loyalty, im loyal towards my husband ,friends, and i live here in america, i feel loyalty to my country, I cant change what I am. This is just what I am. My brother should move to russia if his loyalties are with them. I would.
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01:19:56 PM

so angreeeeeeeee
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Comrade Col. Joseph
05:34:52 AM

but you love it when i talk durty to you.....

you wrote previously that you love it when i talk durty to you cause it amuses you and someshit about your dad abused you and the polish
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01:36:51 AM
Why are you so full of hate?
Reading these comments sends chills down my spine. I stumbled across this site and am appalled. Joseph I'm sorry you are so bitter.
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