Friday, October 30, 2020
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Russian Army bombed Georgia   
Russian army is finally involved saving lives of innocent people...

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Joseph (euromelero)
06:34:47 AM

Condelisa rice the pet monkey of U.S president bush is calling Russian foreign minister to stop Russian fighter gets and tanks, they are asking Russia not to defend its citizens and compatriets.. Either way its a sign that the Georgians and the Americans are shitting their pants....
Georgian president and Georgia must pay dearly for their attack on Friday on Russian citizens and on Russian ally's.. This act of agression by Georgian president must not go unpunished, this man must be brought to Russia to face trial for crimes against Russian citizens and crimes against humanity.. Georgian president is a puppet of the U.S he is a U.S lawyer and must be removed, his regime must be changed.. The only justice for these political homosexuals is execution without delay
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05:39:28 PM
aligning with chin
You mentioned in some of your previous posts russia should align with China.Heres one reason out of at least a thousand.The russian far east has about 7 or so million, the three adjoining chinese provinces has a population of at least 120 million. They want your land, your crazy to trust them. they are not your friends, dont fool yourselves. Remember Stalin trusted germany would not invade russia, he was wrong.And the germans and russians are a more closely related race than the chinese and russians.
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05:47:54 PM

I mean this is simple logic, the united states is half way around the world from you, china is next door, if it was me id be more worried about the country next door. We have plenty of space in the us, china is running out of space.
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11:25:45 PM

and another thing ,I just read Putin is selling valuable tecnology to the Chinese. Not a wise decision. tecnology is the only thing that is going to save you when billions of chinese invade your land so they can make more space for the chinese people.
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05:35:24 PM
And if this scenario where to occur, and your country was half destroyed before you finally kicked thier asses, do you think Americans would be jumping around in glee, screaming Russia is destroyed like you would probably do if our country was destroyed, no, we would probably try and rebuild your country like we did when germany was destroyed.
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Joseph (euromelero)
04:32:41 AM

on youtube you can see georgian troops got military training from Americans on how to run away!!!!
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08:18:13 PM

you are unreasonable, you are not even able to use logic, your too brainwashed with your political ideology. how was a tiny country like georgia going to fight a giant country like russia? who did you think was going to win? And I watched the Georgian troops fight on you tube, they were very brave, and couragous. you said yourself they are the ones that started the war, i would call that very brave.
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01:22:33 PM

ok , that argument sounds good. pass
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Comrade Col. Joseph
05:36:44 AM

but you like it when i talk durty to you
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01:13:57 AM

no not to me, the anger you express to the entire world, you seem to hate every body.
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01:16:22 AM

besides we all know what your doing on this website, your trying to recruit people for your communist party. obviously you live in california, so you have some grand plan of turning this country into a communist nation.
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01:17:58 AM

why do you have to bring sex into this conversation, this is not a porn site.
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01:20:53 AM

your like listening to some communist archie bunker from hell. Im sorry but its very funny.
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01:22:24 AM

you just keep on amusing me
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01:27:42 PM
russians are way to srong
russia need to attack usa
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